Our Story

Burning Bush is a Christian books and eBooks publishing company based in Mumbai, India. We at Burning Bush are committed to providing this platform to both, the established and the first-time authors, who have transformational and inspirational content to share on Christian faith.  We aim to have a maximum reach with these contents, into people’s homes and devices.

Burning Bush is led by its co-founders, Julie Anthony and Anthony Xavier, who formed the company in 2020 with the aim of promoting Christian value and wisdom books.

It was Anthony who was inspired by Moses’s Burning Bush encounter with God in the Bible [Exodus 3:1-6]. Just as the burning bush had got Moses’ attention and aroused curiosity in him, which enabled God to start a conversation and a relationship with him, Anthony too was motivated to start a publishing firm and name it as Burning Bush; he envisioned it as catering to authors, writing Christian books.

Burning Bush is underpinned by following three principles:

Faith, Love, and Renewal

Faith: Faith in God – his promises and his faithfulness.

Love: Love for a fellow reader, we intend to start a Gift-it-Forward plan that would enable many to read books for free as it was paid for them already.

Renewal: With our personal experiences in the renewal, we look forward to promoting renewal of minds and transformation of lives through our content.